Why Use Richardson Carpet Care?

“Why use Richardson Carpet Care?”

It’s owner-operated for the past 25 years.

Richardson Carpet Care has the experience. We’ve run across all types of challenges throughout the years. We have been perfecting the cleaning arts for 31 years.

Our pledge to you: We use soft water, the hottest water, and the best cleaning products.

From proper equipment that has plenty of power to the correct cleaning products mixed at the specific ratios.. Owner operator Mike Richardson is an experienced, high-energy carpet cleaner.

Carpet cleaning is labor intensive. “Some people like the work because of its therapeutic qualities. Others hate it and get tired of it very quickly. I happen to be best described as one who likes the work. It is the perfect job where I can get exercise and dump my stress. Plus, it’s always nice to see happy smiles when my work is done.”

Low energy, inexperience, poor quality is not who you get when you use our services!!

When you hire Richardson Carpet Care, you will rest assured your dirty carpet and filthy tile will be attacked from every angle with superior water temperature, pressure, and maximum vacuum, and with the industry’s best performing, highest-quality cleaning products.

What are you waiting for? Call Richardson Carpet Care at 309-243-8855 today.